Clenched Teeth and Lots of Lists

Hiiii, super fun post. (possibly triggering). As someone who’s suffered with Anxiety since I was a teenager, I’ve spent years figuring out the best ways to live with it and how to stave off anxiety attacks. If I was a character in the world of Pixar’s Inside Out, Fear would absolutely take the wheel. This […]

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The Stages of Being a Reader

I’ve given a lot of thought, in my time as a bookseller, and as a reader myself, about the difference in what reading means to us at different ages. To me, reading has always been at the forefront of my mind and my life. I make time for it, in the evenings after work, on […]

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A Question Worth Answering

There’s this look of complete awe that settles on people’s faces as they walk through the door of our rare book room. It’s huge, and has the most incredible books lining the shelves on all three sides of the room. They date as far back as the seventeen hundreds, and it’s truly a sight to […]

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